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Supplement Cutlery

chafing dish serving set

salad-buffet serving set

serving fork

pasta serving spoon

parmesan grater with storage box

salad serving tongs

salad serving tongs

pastry serving tongs (Prof. Wagenfeld)

pastry serving tongs

ice tongs

pastry serving tongs

sugar tongs

lobster fork


dressing ladle

punch bowl ladle

gravy ladle

soup ladle, medium

soup ladle

potato spoon


egg spoon

serving fork

bread knife (GRAND GOURMET)

bread knife (SPITZENKLASSE)

carving knife (GRAND GOURMET)

meat fork (GRAND GOURMET)

carving knife (SPITZENKLASSE)


steak fork and knife SOLID

steak flatware

steak knife

steak knife

fish servers

caviar spoon

caviar knife

happy spoon

pie server, large

cake knife

cheese knife

“4 for you” spoon

spoons - KaffeeKultur